Smokey Quartz Points


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Smokey Quartz points are captivating crystals that emanate strength, grounding, and protection. These stunning gemstones, characterized by their smoky brown hue and pointed terminations, are revered for their powerful metaphysical properties.

*Each order is hand picked by staff with you in mind. Pictures represent a sampling of the mineral available, you will receive one similar. To receive a specific item, Contact Us for a private sale ($15/hr).

Metaphysical Properties: Smokey Quartz points are potent tools for grounding and purification, absorbing negative energy from the environment and transmuting it into positive vibrations. They provide a sense of stability and security, helping you to stay grounded amidst life’s challenges. Additionally, Smokey Quartz points enhance clarity of thought, promote rational thinking, and encourage pragmatic decision-making.

Chakra Association: Smokey Quartz resonates primarily with the Root Chakra, the foundation of stability and security. By clearing and balancing this chakra, Smokey Quartz points help to strengthen your connection to the earth and establish a sense of inner stability and resilience.

Astrological Sign: Smokey Quartz is particularly beneficial for individuals born under the signs of Capricorn, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. It enhances their practicality, determination, and ability to overcome obstacles, allowing them to pursue their goals with confidence and determination.

Smokey Quartz points are versatile crystals that offer both protection and empowerment. Their grounding energy and protective properties make them invaluable allies for anyone seeking to navigate life’s challenges with strength, clarity, and resilience.

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